Faith Hoops Session Calendar

 Faith Hoops will be a year round program held on Saturdays. There are (3) Sessions per calendar year!
1st-  Spring Session   January - April
2nd-   Summer Session May - August
3rd-    Fall Session  September - December

Faith Hoops Fundraiser Events and Dates:

Faith Hoops Saturday Schedule
2nd and 3rd Grade
9:00am-9:15am  Sign-in, Breakfast, Free Play
9:15am-10:00am  Prayer, Read, and Bible Study
10:00am-10:15am Education, Current Events, Question/Answer
10:15am-10:30am Transition to basketball and Stretch
10:30am-11:45am Basketball Practice
11:45am-12:30pm Specialized Basketball Skill Drill/ Speaker
12:30pm-12:45pm Break
12:45pm-1:00pm  Game




4th and 5th Grade
2:00pm-2:15pm  Sign-in, Lunch, Free Play
2:15pm-3:00pm  Prayer, Read, and Bible Study
3:00pm-3:15pm  Education, Current Events, Question/Answer
3:15pm-3:30pm  Transition to basketball and Stretch
3:30pm-4:45pm  Basketball Practice
4:45pm-5:30pm  Specialized Basketball Skill Drill/ Speaker
5:30pm-5:45pm  Break
5:45pm-6:00pm  Game