Faith Hoops is a free program and is designed to help the low- income families in our community. Although, Faith Hoops will not reject any child, the focus is geared toward those, who wouldn't ordinarly have the benefit of attending extra curricular activities; such as a basketball program, because of cost. (2015) reports the Federal Poverty Level:
$16,020 Family of 2
$20,160 Family of 3
$24,300 Family of 4
$28,440 Family of 5
$32,580 Family of 6
$36,730 Family of 7
Faith Hoops enrollment requirements:
1. Complete and return enrollment form.
2.  Only (1) one child per household.
3.  Child must be represented at least (1) one Saturday per session by parent(s)/guardians or any adult; friend or family. (Each session will have one adult present so that there is never any one on one situation with child.)
4. No back to back sessions. Must skip one Full session before re-enrollment.
5. Parent(s) and child must attend pre-session orientation.
6.  Parent(s) and child must read, write, and speak English.